Growth-Driven Design Deep Dive

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What You'll Learn in this Course



1-process.pngThe Step-by-Step Process

Get the step-by-step deep dive of exactly how to implement Growth-Driven Design on your current or new website. 


2-tools.pngThe Best Tools to Use

Find out which tools you need to be using for the best research and results. 


3-experiments.pngHow to Run Experiments

You'll learn experimental design to run the right experiments and get the right data.


4-reporting.pngData Insights & Reporting

Learn what data is critical to collect, how to pull actionable insights from it and how to report it back to your boss or client. 


5-informing.pngInforming Marketing & Sales

Find out exactly how to apply what you learned in GDD to your marketing and sales efforts to boost their performance (and vice vera). 


6-templates.pngIncludes Templates

Why start from scratch? We've built out templates, docs and tools for you to use! This will save you time and help you hit the ground running. 

Who Uses Growth-Driven Design?

A Word From the Instructor

"I'm excited to offer this free course to for individuals who want to learn step-by-step how to implement the Growth-Driven Design process on their new or existing website."

Luke Summerfield

Course Instructor

"How do you know you got your website 'right' the first time? Growth-Driven Design observes actual visitor behavior and continuously improves the site to boost engagement. When engagement increases so does your business."

Joseph Jerome

Brand Builder Solutions