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Training Videos

Training Videos

Access to 12+ hours of detailed training videos that break down the GDD methodology and how to market, sell and service GDD with your clients.

Templates & Tools

Template & Tools

Hit the ground running with pre-built templates and tools your agency can use to help build your GDD program.

Examples & Case Studies

Examples & Case Studies

See what Growth-Driven Design looks like in action and gain inspiration for your own website.

Join the 940+ agencies in 50 countries who have completed the certification! 

What Agencies are Saying
"The Growth-Driven Design Certification was the best digital marketing course I've ever done."
Daryn Smith

Cofounder, MPULL

What Agencies are Saying
"The Growth-Driven Design certification is the fastest way to get you started, not only with GDD, but with agile approaches in general."
Tim Delhaes

CEO, InboundLabs

What Agencies are Saying
"The GDD Agency certification has had a major impact in aligning the company as our mindset shifted with the implementation of GDD. I am proud to say that we have all full-time members of our team GDD certified."
Brandon Philbrick

Creative Director, Leighton Interactive

What Agencies are Saying
"Spend the time and do it! I encourage all new staff members take it no matter their role."
Josh Harcus 

Head of Inbound Growth, Huify 

What Agencies are Saying
"The Growth-Driven Design Agency Certification provides a helpful perspective on how to adapt GDD to your agency.

Luke provides all of the relevant documents so that others can download the sheets and adapt them as they wish."
Shawn Fitzgerald

Vice President, ThomasNet RPM

What Agencies are Saying
"It really makes you take a step back and do a little self-inventory on your agency's own marketing efforts."
Spencer March

Senior Web Strategist, New Breed Marketing


Who at the agency should take the certification?

The certification is divided up into two parts:

  1. The Growth-Driven Design Methodology - The first part is a detailed breakdown of how to implement the methodology.

  2. Marketing, Selling & Servicing Clients - The second part is agency specific training for how to transform your agency with GDD. 

Whatever the role, the certification will be beneficial to complete. Everyone should have an understanding of the GDD methodology along with the agency specific content. 


"Spend the time and do it! I encourage all new staff members take it no matter their role."
- Josh Harcus of Huify


How many people from the agency should get certified?

Although only one person at the agency needs to be certified for the agency to be certified, it's recommended to have as many people as possible (ideally everyone) certified. Additionally, incorporate the certification into new hire training.  

Having everyone certified will make the transition quicker, everyone will speak the same language and execution will be better.

A common theme we've seen is the better the agency does with Growth-Driven Design, the more of their team members are certified. 

Let's Rally the Team!
Share the GDD Agency Certification with your team and tackle it together. 

What classes are taught in the certification?

Here is a sneek peek at the curriculm.

Growth-Driven Design Methodology:

  1. What is Growth-Driven Design
    • Note, this is the same content as the "What is GDD" presentation. If you have seen this live, you're already done with one class! 

  2. Developing a Website Strategy
  3. Creating Your Growth-Driven Design Tool Stack
  4. Creating a Launch Pad Website
  5. Creating a Roadmap with the GDD Website Hierarchy
  6. Implementing the Continuous Improvement Cycle
  7. Conducting User Research
  8. Running New Experiments

Marketing, Selling & Servicing at your Agency 

  1. Pricing and Packaging
  2. Selling Growth-Driven Design Retainers
  3. Transitioning Your Team
  4. Reporting, Renewing & Upselling

Each class includes video training, templates, additional resources, etc. Everything needed for you to hit the ground running. 

Sound interesting? 
Watch the classes first hand by starting the GDD Agency Certification now!

Do you have GDD pricing and proposal examples?

We do! 😃

Not only is there an entire class on "Packaging and Pricing", but in the additional resources we also have:

  • GDD retainer quoting tool
  • Pricing breakdowns
  • Real GDD proposal examples
  • Estimated time to complete

and more. 

View all these resources and more now, start the GDD Agency Certification.

What are the benefits of becoming certified?

The number one reason to get certified is to gain the knowledge and resources to empower you in the transformation of your agency. Read the testimonials, it's powerful. 

But, if that wasn't enough, here are some other benefits of completing the certification:

  • Certificate of Completion - Print it out for your wall! 
  • Badge - Add to Linkedin and your website. 
  • GDD Community Slack - Share, discuss, ask questions and grow. 
  • Collaboration Opportunities - We always have opportunities to collaborate on content, blogs, speaking, etc. Being certified is your prerequisit. 
  • Events - We host "must be certified" events, you'll qualify!
  • HubSpot Partners - Will get recognized as GDD Certified in the HubSpot Partner Directory.

Your knowledge and badge awaits! Start the GDD Agency Certification now and level up.

Can I ask questions or get specific help?

Asking questions is key! 🤓

Every agency is unique and will run into different scenarios and challenges while getting their Growth-Driven Design program started.  

Once enrolled in the certification, you will get access to our GDD Community Slack* group.

Here you can ask questions and get answers from both the certification instructors, but also from over 1500+ other agency folks. 

This will allow you to crowd-source many different ideas and perspectives so you can find the best fit for your agency. 


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*Slack - For those not familiar with Slack, it is a group chat and messenger app (sort of like AOL back in the day). It's extremely easy to use.



Luke Summerfield

Luke wakes up each morning excited to help others unlock their true potential. He does this as the Growth-Driven Design Evangelist at HubSpot. 

Prior to HubSpot, Luke lead client strategy and UX at a web design agency until its acquisition. Feeling the challenges and limitations traditional web design posed to user experience first-hand, he created and experimented with a new methodology. Luke is also SCRUM Master and Product Owner certified by Jeff Sutherland.

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