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Books to Read for Growth-Driven Design

The Growth-Driven Design methodology is a combination of many different ideas from various industries, disciplines, thought leaders. Growth-Driven Design pulls the best ideas from each one and adapts it towards building and optimizing a website.

There are many amazing books out there that dig into various topics related to web design, user experience (UX), conversion rate optimization (CRO), agile process, growth hacking, etc. To help provide some focus on what to read, I have compiled a list of some of my highest recommendations. - Enjoy!The topics covered in these books often span across the entire GDD methodology, however, I tried to group them by the three stages of GDD: Strategy, Launch Pad, and Continuous Improvement.


Launch Pad

Continuous Improvement

Additional Good Reading


In addition to the books, there have been countless blogs, videos, interviews, and personal experiences that have shaped Growth-Driven Design as we know it today.

For those not familiar with Growth-Driven Design methodology, you can learn more in our "How it Works" section and take a deep drive by starting our (free) Growth-Driven Design Certification

I’m sure there are many good books that have influenced your thoughts on web design and optimization - please comment below with them. I’m always looking for a good read.

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Luke wakes up each morning excited to help others unlock their true potential. He does this as the Growth-Driven Design Founder and Evangelist. Prior to HubSpot, Luke lead client strategy and UX at a web design agency until its acquisition. Luke is also Scrum Master and Product Owner certified by Jeff Sutherland.