One Mission. New Challenges. New Role.

Three years ago I had one mission - to transform the world of web design with Growth-Driven Design and HubSpot. To accomplish this I knew it would take a multi-phased journey, with the first phase being to build a strong Growth-Driven Design program.

What started as scribbled notes in a sauna (a story for another day, haha) has now grown into a global movement. Three years after first talking about Growth-Driven Design, we now have over 1000+ agencies in 50 countries implementing GDD with their clients.

Growth-Driven Design Original Deck
Original GDD idea deck - first presented 4/29/15 internally at HubSpot

We have an amazing and supportive community of GDD agencies who are not only helping lead the change, but also support one another and share knowledge as we continue to develop out this methodology.

inboundLine to get into Luke's "What is GDD" talk at INBOUND 2015 (9/2015)

Many of you in the community have helped over the years, I couldn't be more grateful. Special shout out to Media Junction and Lean Labs who helped build and Web Canopy Studio and IMPACT for detailed help and support.  Also to our Community Content Team who help fill the site with amazing content and the GDD Mastermind group whose ideas helped advance the methodology.

GDD Meetup at INBOUND 2016 (11/2016)

We will relentlessly continue to grow and improve, however, I’m happy to say that phase one of our journey is nearly complete.  It’s now time to move into phase two, expand our impact, and tackle new challenges standing in our way. To accomplish our mission, "Transform the world of web design with Growth-Driven Design and HubSpot", phase two is essential.

Phase Two.

My New Role. We’re Hiring. Continuing to Grow GDD.

With the Growth-Driven Design program growing strong, it’s time that we expand focus and move into a phase two.

Starting mid-may, I will be shifting the majority of my time to help create an amazing HubSpot CMS developer experience and thriving CMS developer community as the "HubSpot CMS Developer Advocate".

I will have the pleasure of working with a team of “wicked smaht” HubSpotters dedicated to CMS developers (including Shawn Bristow, Jeff Asura, Jeffrey Vocell, Nate Ciruolo, the Marketplace team, and more.) and the amazing HubSpot CMS Designer and Developer community.

I will continue to help with Growth-Driven Design program, however, we are growing the team! We are actively hiring someone who can lead the GDD education, training, and program growth. I will work very closely with this person to continue the growth and improvement of the Growth-Driven Design program. 

Interested helping lead GDD in 2018 and beyond?
Learn more and apply here.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with how the Growth-Driven Design movement and community have come together. I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many amazing GDD community members around the world - thank you.

I’m excited for phase two of this adventure and to help build an amazing HubSpot CMS Developer experience and community. Growth-Driven Design helps your team determine WHAT to build and WHY, now it is time to work on HOW to build it in HubSpot.

We, together, will continue to drive the Growth-Driven Design movement and continue to transform the world of web design. I believe in our ability and know we will make it happen.


Let’s keep going!


Luke Summerfield

Luke wakes up each morning excited to help others unlock their true potential. He does this as the Growth-Driven Design Founder and Evangelist. Prior to HubSpot, Luke lead client strategy and UX at a web design agency until its acquisition. Luke is also Scrum Master and Product Owner certified by Jeff Sutherland.