Eduardo Esparza

Eduardo is the Founder and Chief Web Architect at Market 8. Under his leadership, Market 8 has generated 50+million in additional sales annually for 200+ B2B companies. Eduardo has a very eclectic background; a renaissance man, in a way. How eclectic? He’s a Georgia Tech Industrial Engineering Masters graduate, turned manufacturing plant & distribution network designer, turned business management consultant, turned financier, turned M&A analyst, turned entrepreneur, turned CMO, turned web design & UX expert and angel investor. Specialties: Strategy, systems design, business turnaround, B2B lead generation, B2B sales, conversion optimization, user experience, information architecture, human-factors.

How to Convince Your Boss of GDD vs. Traditional Web Design
You have done your homework and are convinced that Growth-Driven Design is the right way to go. Now ...
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