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Launch Pad

Your Launch Pad website is launched quickly and serves as the foundation for future optimization.

The goal of the Launch Pad website is to quickly build a website that looks and performs better than what you have today, but is not your final product. Your Launch Pad is the foundation from which you collect real-user date and optimize.

The Goal

Launch A High Conversion
Website in 60-90 Days

Traditional Website Design



  • 3-6 month build period
  • Budget Spent up front
  • OFten late & over budget


Unpredictable Results

  • Built Entirely upon assumptions
  • Launched & left un-optimized

Launch Pad Website

Low Risk

  • 2-3 month build period
  • Budget saved for optimization
  • Launch on-time and on-budget
  • Faster time to value


Optimization Drives Results

  • Validate assumptions quickly
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Focus budget on optimizations

How to Build the Launch Pad

Launch Quickly While Building Intentionally

This was the actual build timeframe for this page.

Page Plans

Page outlines and flow are planed for each key page and pillar page, taking special care to address user needs as well as SEO objectives.

Rapid Prototypes

Content creation focuses on building out your page flows into a design-ready prototype (wireframe). With solid content in place prior to design, design will run more smoothly and quickly.

Design Sprint

With page prototypes firmly in place, a first look at the new design can be completed within a week, promptly followed by gathering feedback and the final design.

Finish Sprint

Coding in COS, inserting all links, meta data, browser testing, speed testing, and launching with heatmap and screen recording in place.

Page Migrations

While your sprints are focused on the 3-5 pages that can drive the greatest impact, you’ll want to put a ‘fresh coat of paint’ on the rest of the site while you migrate it into your new website.

Quality Over Speed

We lean towards launching quickly, however, speed should not compromise your ability to provide user value and the happiness of the team/stakeholders.

And for once

Teams Enjoy The Process

“Clients love the iterative process. They feel that it helps keep things 'fresh' and always improving. Plus they know they can come to us with new, sometimes crazy, ideas and we'll add them to the backlog with a priority and tackle it when we get to it.”
Vin Gaeta, Creative Director @ Impact BND
"I can’t imagine any our clients ever wanting to go back to a traditional build—GDD has transformed our agency.”
Trish Lessard, CEO @ Media Junction
“We've watched the transition for both our team and our clients change the way we work. We're making few decisions by committee and instead focusing on data and user behavior to build a higher calibre brand experience. Our growth teams are more effective than ever, thanks to GDD!”
Kevin Barber, Head Entrepreneur @ Lean Labs

Growth-Driven Design

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